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We Build AI & Automation
Into Law Firms

We Identify Where AI can Add Value for your Firm, Implement AI in Your Workflows & (Re)Train Your Team to Use AI Effectively

Clients we've worked with

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Use Cases of AI & Automation

What We Can Build for You

Why Implement AI & Automation?

Save Cost & Increase Performance with AI

Save Cost

AI allows you to better grip on costs through improved predictions, increased productivity and automating repetitive and generative tasks.

Increase Performance

Implementing AI successfully allows you to increase output per team member by 1.4-3X. And we're just getting started.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

In an increasing competitive landscape, AI is becoming essential to stay ahead of the competition. Those who don't, get left behind.

We Build Great Products

How we work

Free AI Quickscan

We help identify if and where AI can add actual business value for you to save costs and increase output.

In-Depth Audit & Scoping

We deep dive into your relevant AI & automation applications and scope out a solid fit with your business needs.

Build & Deploy in Sprints

We build and implement the relevant AI apps and automate workflows with our team of AI / ML experts. We work in agile teams with bi-weekly sprints.

Training & Ongoing Support

We don't stop until everything is running smoothly and help train your team to be effective with AI to ensure the business value is fully achieved and you're happy.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Existing Apps & Workflows





















Your AI Implementation Experts

Why work with us?

As experts in development, data science and ML/AI, we work closely with founders and executives to create custom software and machine learning solutions with actual business value.

AI/ML Development

We build AI & ML tools and apps in agile teams using the latest LLM's, chatbots & fine-tuning to 0-1 model training & end-to-end automation.

Data Science

Our data scientists use cutting-edge technologies to solve business problems to innovate and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Startup Mindset

AI is going fast, we're faster. We innovate, are quick and nimble, using the state-of-the art tech to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Enterprise Quality

With experience from deep-tech to automotive and medical, we build according to industry standards and ensure you can keep executing

Localised Secure Data

Wether in Europe, USA or Asia, we ensure localisation, compliance and security for your business data. Whether on-premise or cloud.

We're All Rockstars

Our team is on top of their game, the best of the best. From top universities to seriously world class products, we've been there.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I really love their pragmatic approach and their ability able to structure and simplify things. They drastically helped improve the way we run our business. Definitely would recommend them to everyone.


30M+ revenue

With their help we completely booked our calendar and were able to actually focus on more rapidly scaling the business. Now we are even expanding to other countries as well. I really recommend them.


Expanding to new countries

With their valuable assistance we achieved outstanding results and tripled our revenue. Their talent for simplifying complex matters is truly remarkable and I highly recommended their service without hesitation.


3x Revenue

Eterprise Level Security & Safety

We Ensure Your (Customer's) Data is Safe & Secure

Enterprise Level Data Security

Robust encryption and advanced cybersecurity measures protect your data from unauthorized access and cyber threats, ensuring a secure digital environment.

Local or On-Premise Data Storage

Your data is stored securely on regional* servers or on-premise, providing complete control and reducing external cloud-associated risks, ensuring physical and digital safety and control. *EU, USA, per Country & Other options available.

State-of-the-Art Privacy Protection

We prioritize your privacy with stringent protocols and policies that guard against data breaches and unauthorized access, maintaining the confidentiality of your information.

Legal Compliance to Specific Region/Market

Our systems are designed to comply with international and regional data protection regulations, ensuring legal compliance and reducing liability risks for your data management.